DIY: Car seat gap solution - easy DIY

Just did this over the weekend on all our cars. Haven’t seen anything simpler or cheaper. So simple, a kid can do it.

roll up an old towel

I use this product, although I found it much cheaper locally than the price that Amazon is charging for it:

It is ready-cut, with finished edges, and has openings in the right place for the seat belt anchorage to pass through. In addition to ending the problem of retrieving items from the very narrow space between the seats and the console, they silenced the occasional noises made by the leather upholstery rubbing on the console.

Oh I see what you are talking about. What kind of insulation? There’s about 150 different kinds from fiberglass to foam. I have a long forceps that I use when needed. The other day though I dropped my keys down there at the gas station. I was able to retrieve them from the back but was concerned for a minute.

Foam pipe insulation, the short video will walk through step by step.

Now if someone would only come up with a little flapper door like the one in the door keyhole to keep tissues from getting into the female end of the seatbelt clip.

I know what you mean.