Distributer Cap Firing Order

I have a remanufactured 305 2 bbl. Right bank firing order 1,3,5,7, It has HEI I have 2 different diagrams both saying they are for my motor, but the Dist. Cap Firing Order is different I would like to know what the correct firing order is on the cap

Try this. The right bank is actually the passenger side of the car.
That’s a specific year and model, but I think they’re all the same.


Find top dead center for the #1 cylinder on the compression stroke. The distributor rotor will be at the #1 post on the distributor cap. You can figure the rest out from there; The firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 clockwise from the #1 post.

To find TDC on compression stroke pull the plug on the #1 cylinder and have someone crank the engine over by hand while you hold your finger over the plug hole, when you feel pressure build in the cylinder and the timing mark of the crank pulley lines up with 0-deg mark on the timing tab you have found it.