Disel sound from gas engine

I have a 2004 F 150 ford lariat triton 5.4 it makes a disrint disel engine sound in low RPM should I be concerned, is there anything I cnd do. Is it a concern dode it make a differance in the gas milage.

Well, at least you spelled concerned correctly.

I don’t really know what you consider a disel sound.
I’m sure you meant diesel, but I still don’t know what that means in a “sound”.

Are you talking about loud valve clatter?
Loud injector noise?
Throaty exhaust?

And what do you mean by gas mileage?
How do I know what type of gas mileage your truck currently gets, and what it should get for your driving style?

You need to provide more information for anyone to be able to properly help you.

Is your truck white?


“dode it make a differance in the gas milage”

I don’t know. Does it?
If you will take the time to calculate your current gas mileage and compare it to your previous calculations, you can answer the question yourself.

I am going to assume that English is not your primary language, but even if you have some communication problems, surely you can tell us specifically what you meant when you said that the engine has “a diesel sound”.