Discussion on power flow

Explain how “Power Flow” goes through an in-line transmission in 2nd gear – be sure to include all the shafts/gears/components it flows through

Have at it

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Have a homework question you need help answering?

What kind of inline transmission? For what? That term seems to be reserved for marine drive systems.

I’ll take the winning NY Lotto numbers for next week. LOL


Only if you agree to share. :laughing:

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I’d be happy to answer if I only knew what an “in-line” transmission was … lol …

I think he means one that has a driveshaft and not cv axels

Why do you ask ? Are you not getting power flow in the other gears ?

10 minutes on google would answer this.

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So get busy! He needs an answer ASAP! :wink:


Like my chemistry teacher used to say when asked a question “it’s all in the book”. Just check out the factory service manual, but for me, I’ll just hire it done.

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Input shaft to countershaft to second gear to first/second gear hub to output shaft.

You’re welcome.