Discontinued parts for a discontinued model

My mom has a 2001 Intrigue Oldsmobile and it has been inoperable for the past 3 weeks because we are searching for a part that GMC no longer makes. Her car needs a “power steering cooling line”, and we are looking for a junk yard that could probably assist us with that finding in the DC, MD, or VA area.

Is the problem with the metal line portion, or the rubber part? If the rubber hose is leaking (likely at the junction with the metal), you can (a) cut into the metal line on either end, (b) flare the exposed metal ends © fit an appropriate-sized hose from end to end, using fuel-line connectors for maximum sealing.

Just make sure the hose is rated for exposure to ATF (i.e. not coolant, vacuum, or heater hose…)

There are shops that can fabricate virtually any coolant or oil line, any fittings, any material…Just bring in the old line…Ask at a NAPA autoparts store. If they can’t make it, they will know who can…

I’ll bet the same part for a same year Regal or Century will also work.

“I’ll bet the same part for a same year Regal or Century will also work.”

It’s worth a try. They use different drive trains, and a different power steering system is not out of the question. But add Pontiac Grand Prix to the list, since it is similar, too.

The NAPA store and a tractor repair shop here can replace the rubber on many power steering hoses. Like Caddyman, I think calling NAPA would be a good start.

“They use different drive trains”

Whoops, my mistake, the 3.5 DOHC mini-Northstar was unique to the Intrigue in the later models, so it’s quite possible the parts won’t interchange.

Re your direct question (if a salvage yard part will help), I kept a few cars going with parts from Savemore (Savemor? Savmore? Savmor?) which is off MD210 Indian Head Highway just a little outside the Beltway. HUGE place, that lets you wander around and pull your own part if you want. Reasonable prices.

In Rockville, MD, off Gude Drive around Southlawn Lane, are two or three smaller yards. Counter service only,and a bit pricey.

North of DC, toward Baltimore, on US1 is Crazy Ray’s. Moderately large, also pull-your-own, with a small admission fee and low prices. They also have a branch (which I have not used) in a rural area near Mt. Airy, MD, off Old Frederick Road.

If you want more specific info, post by Wednesday afternoon. After that, I’ll be off line 'til Sat nite or Sunday.


If the linik works correctly - I can’t guarantee it will. Just because GM doesn’t make it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Plenty of place can fabricate for you (as mentioned a few times), but check all the aftermarket places, too. I’ve never heard of a “power steering cooling line”, so I’d imagine their talking about either the pressure or return lines.

Is it this power steering pressure line assembly? Easy to get at Rockauto or probably car-part.com