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Disconnecting a new-to-me green electrical connector

I need to take this unusual (to me) electrical connector apart. It’s unlike the Molex and others I have dealt with, and doesn’t seem to work the way I think it should. The other connectors under the hood are different.

It’s green, has 4 partially-circular lobes, 1 for each wire (rather than being a flat rectangle). It has one of those detents that one can squeeze the closer-to-the-wires part that pulls it down, getting it out of the way, but that makes no difference. There are also 2 smaller prongs on the sides that I don’t see how to manipulate. I apologize for having no photo.

It hasn’t been disconnected in 30 years (I’ve never disconnected it), so it may be stuck or corroded (it looks okay and clean on the outside; at least 1 wire that runs through it works. One of its wires heats the choke’s coil, another goes to another part on the carb.

How about posting a picture . . . perhaps one of us will recognize it and havl some ideas, as to how to disconnect it properly

Sorry, no camera. Another 10 minutes of prying at it finally got it out. Although it looks okay it seems to have been stuck and not all that unusual. 3 things you have to squeeze at once, only 1 of them that one can do with one’s hands.