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Disconnecting 2014 Jeep Cherokee battery when running

I have jeep Cherokee 2014 can someone tell me what happens when car is running and you disconnect battery. Should it keep running or engine should shutouts Completely


The engine will eventually stall, the charging system voltage will be unstable without a battery connected and the computers can’t handle that.

If you are lucky you won’t damage the electronics, which will cost you many thousands of $$$$$ to fix.

The battery acts like a huge capacitor to minimize voltage spikes originating at the alternator from damaging sensitive solid state electronic devices throughout the car. Alternator with no battery is looking for trouble. On older cars 60’s and before that didn’t have computers and the radio was turned off you might could get away with it for a while.

Why do that? Leave that to someone whose bills you don’t have to pay.

Why take the risk when you can buy a multimeter for under $20 and keep it in the glove box or trunk.

Back in the days of generators instead of Alternators…this was a common test to see if the generator was working and charging the battery.

In today’s cars this can create voltage spikes that the cars computer cannot handle.
You may get away with it ten times, but look out for that eleventh time when you fry the computer.

When will this outdated test die!!!


When all of us oldtimer’s are gone & quit telling the kid’s how it used to be in the old day’s.