Disappointed in 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage



Why is my car so slow, noisy, tight and uncomfortable. I bought it thinking I had bought the world’s fastest hot hatch. I heard it can go 217 miles an hour with its 1.2 liter 3 cylinder. “The less cylinders the better!” my dad told me! He said it is faster than the fastest ever Ferrari so I am shocked at how slow it is. I know alot about cars and I am very very smart! Please help me!


Did you not test drive it first?

[quote=“JoshuaTownsend, post:1, topic:127835”]
I know alot about cars and I am very very smart! Please help me!
[/quote]Then you would know “there is no replacement for displacement”.
To get your Mirage to do 217 MPH you would have to take it up to 30,000 feet in a C130 and push it out the ramp.


i bought a car.
i talked to my dad
your age?
who paid for it?


Hahaha. Very funny. Which one of us are you?


Good gag post…


I also have a computer chip that will get 125 miles to the gallon but it will lower your top speed to 215 MPH.




April Fool’s came early this year.


Actually I think it’s a few months late…



Why would anyone even read a Motor Trend review of a Mirage is beyond me. All they really care about are expensive performance cars . I gave up on Motor Trend years ago even if the subscription was free.


Mitsubishi? What’s astonishing is that Mitsubishi still makes cars. I guess it’s a testament to Japan’s car ecosystem that such a small player with such bad products can survive for such a long time. If Toyota=GM, Honda=Ford, and Nissan=Chrysler, Mitsubishi=American Motors, which died and got swallowed in the 1980s.


I gave up on them when the then-new Caprice Classic got Car of the Year despite being internally nearly the same as the previous generation, and further despite it being the Caprice Classic.


perhaps dad meant feet per hour…


Mitsubishi makes about a million cars a year, about 20th in the world, 1/10th of what Toyota or VW makes.


While I wouldn’t even consider buying a Mitsubishi vehicle until they can come up with something other than warmed-over offerings from many years ago, I do have to note that I have seen a pretty substantial increase in “new” Outlanders recently. I am sure that these Mitsu owners are buying those vehicles solely because of their bottom-basement pricing, but if the company can accumulate some new customers and some new capital, perhaps they can start offering something other than poorly-disguised designs from the previous decade.


I think a couple of squirrels escaped. Head out to the woods, capture a couple and put them inside the cage. You will have unlimited power the next time you drive.


Apparently not.

That’s not what he said, he said “217 MPH” that’s meters per hour not miles per hour.


You have to disable the 3rd cylinder for it to go 217 MPH, otherwise your top speed is 180.


The answer is, it’s a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage.

I think you thought and heard wrong. Very, very few production cars can do 217 MPH, and none of them have 1200cc 3 cyl.

And you believed him?

Really? You shouldn’t be.

Doubtful at best

Wouldn’t know, never met you.

I don’t think any one here can.