Disappearing car oil

1999 chevrolet malibu. 105,000 miles. dry dipstick. no oil on ground. burning smell. renee clay

Don’t drive that car!

Did this happen once or does it happen regularly?

When was the last time you had checked the oil?

Who last checked the oil and when?

Was it maybe a quick oil change place?

When was the last oil and filter change?

You say no oil on the ground, but how about somewhere on or under the engine?

Any smoke coming from the engine?

Any change in the way the engine has been running? Any oil or Check Engine Lights?

Any indication of over heating? How long have you owned this car?

Any strange noises the last time you ran it?

get it towed to a dealer or good mechanic. Do NOT start the engine.

you may be in for major problems!