Dirty Oil after Oil Change

I recently purchased a used Honda CR V with 45K miles. Not sure of it’s last oil change, I changed it, but the oil looks dirty after the change, instead of the normal honey color.

Thoughts, suggestion?

you didnt get it all out, wont hurt anything

I would drive the car and monitor the oil level and its cleanliness. Another oil change in 1,000 miles or so might be in order.

The new oil is doing a good job of getting rid of all the crud that has been left due to the former owner’s negligence. I agree with mcparadise, only I might not go for 1000 miles. Change it early this time.

I’m assuming that you also changed the oil filter. If not, change it with your next change.

I agre with other posters that your new oil is trapping all the accumulated crud the previous owner should have flushed out with regular oil changes. If it is dirty, change it again, you don’t have to use expensive oil & filter this time. After about 3 changes things should stabilize. What you should defintely not do is use a strong engine flush, which will loosen a ton of crud and plug up your oil passages. As a side effect of loosening all that dirt with your oil changes, you might expose some existing oil leaks, that were previously covered by the crud. You will have to fix those if it happens.

next time, pour about a 1/4 quart of oil after the old is drained so you make sure you get it all out

Did you personally change it or did a garage? It may be possible that it was missed in the change or filter not changed.

Also check the engine oil with a hot engine, the stick should appear much cleaner.

Did you change the filter too? If not, then yes, oil will still appear dirty.