Dirty Car

I park in a garage at work that was recently renovated. They sectioned it off with tarp but my car still was covered with dust each night. By renovation I mean jackhammernig the concrete! Anyway, there is a fine layer of masonry/cement on my car (Jetta 2000) on the paint and windows that I cannot clean it off. I used vinegar on the windows and it won’t come off. HELP!

try power washing your car with a power washer,it should help,but i doubt it will remove all of the cement.my uncle was in spain with his new mazda 6 once,and parked near a building site,on his return he noticed marks all over his bodywork and windows from the builders grinding paving stones!!so he had to claim off his insurance when he came back to the uk,and they repainted the car,and replaced the windows!but good luck with your jetta.

My wife had good success with a clay bar for the windows. No idea if anything will take the dust off the paint. If you intend to file a claim against the construction company, get it done quickly, so they cannot say it was not done by them.

Talk to your employer. They should take care of it for you or ask the construction company to take care of it for you. Either way it should be free of charge.

[u]DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT let anyone take a power washer to your car. At best it will take off the clear coat. At worst, it will also take off the paint.[/u] Also, the new paint will not be of the same quality as the factory paint. How do I know this? I have been through the same thing. I complained to one of the guys doing the construction. He said, “Just pull it around here and I will wash it for you.” Then he took off the clear coat with his power washer. His company ended up sending my car for a new paint job at their expense.

Why the DIY attitude?Have the construction folks pay for the damage.Show them the dust damage,get estimates for their insurance company,and get a pro to fix the problem.