Direct Ignition System, 1990 Chevy Cavalier

When the weather is wet, the car often doesn’t start. Since the car has over 175K miles on the original ignition components, I suspect wire, the Direct Ignition System module or one or more of the 3 coils (its a 3.1L V6). If I replace the module or the coils, the shop manual says that I need to Idle Lean Proceedure with a Tech 1 scan tool (which I don’t have!). Is there anyway to get around this without the scan tool?

I wouldn’t be replacing the coils or the module at this point.

Just try replacing the plug wires and plugs and see if this fixes the wet no-start condition.


I agree with Tester. Start with the easy stuff first. If you have not replaced those wires recently that is likely the problem.

That’s what I planned to try first. But if that fails and I am forced to replace either coils or module, is there a way around having to use the scan tool for the Idle Lean Procedure?

I’ve replaced many ignition wire sets, coils, ignition modules and never had to perform a idle lean procedure. Now when I’ve disconnected the battery or replaced a battery I’ve had to perform a idle RELEARN to make sure the car idles properly. So go ahead and replace the ignition components as needed and don’t worry about the scanner.

Great!, thanks folks.