Dipstick reading

2004 Toyota Tundra, 6 engine. Drained, r eplaced filter, and filled wtih amount specified (5.2qts.) dip stick shows low about 1 qt.

If the engine is sludged up it may take a very long time for the oil to all drain down to the crankcase. I assume you ran the engine to get the oil filter to fill and the car to warm up. Then shut it down. And you pushed the dipstick in all the way.

I would first double check the oil volume required WITH A FILTER CHANGE.

If you used the correct amount of oil, it did not diapppaer! So we could only conclude that the engine is so badly sludged up that it took the oil a long time to get into the crankcase.

Please report back when you have gone through all thr routines suggested.

Given the limited info you provided, I would put in another half quart, drive the car for a day or so and then check it again. I don’t consider oil fill a precise science.

I just purchased the truck a few weeks ago. It had been completely gone through at the dealer, oil change, air filter, and when I got home with it, I pulled the dipstick, and it showed the same level then as now. I am 99% certain that the engine is not sludged, only has 38,000 miles, and has obviously been well taken car of. I am also hopefully sure that this is a dipstick problem. I have read that this kind of problem happens.

If the dealer did the oil change, there is a possible and reasonable chance that you may not have gotten exactly 5.2 qts (or even 5 qts for that matter), and could be a bit short. If you didn’t put the oil in yourself, then it is hard to conclude the dipstick is wrong. Two choices: put in oil yourself, or go to dealer and have them verify by the dipstick the proper fill, and let them put some extra in.

As per my first post, I drained the oil, replaced the filter, and put in 5.2 qts. of oil. I guess my question is do I rely on the fact that I did indeed put in what the manual calls for (5.2qts, or rely on the dipstick reading. I am inclined to believe that the dipstick is faulty, as when the dealer did the same thing, the reading was the samee. Thanks for all of you inputs.

I’ve never heard of a faulty dipstick. But I suppose it is possible that the dipstick you have is not made for your Tundra.

The easiest thing to do would be to buy a new dipstick made for your Tundra and see if the reading is different from your current dipstick’s reading.

In my experience, it has always required a bit LESS oil to refill than the engine’s capacity as stated in the manual.

And I always let the oil drain for a couple of hours before refilling.

Interesting situation.

One sure way to check: find another '04 v6 Tundra. Take both dipsticks out, note levels. Switch dipsticks, see if levels are unchanged. If so, then your dipstick is fine, just fill to the full mark.

Specified by what? On the engine or in the owner’s manual? Check on the engine or on a sticker under or on the hood. What size six cylinder may matter if they are not all the same size. Yes the dipstick can still be wrong.

There may be another way to check. Usually the low oil level warning light will come on when the engine is a little over a quart low, so try putting in four quarts next time and see if the light is on. If it is on, put in four ounces and see if the light goes out. If the light goes out then add a quart and it should be full.

If the light did not go out, add four more ounces and check again. First, find out if you have a low oil level warning light.