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Dipstick length - 2000 Honda Accord

Will someone please tell me how long the engine oil dipstick is for a 2000 honda accord lx 2.3L 4cylinder

Again I ask , why do you need to know this ? If you need a new one just call a Honda dealer parts department and order one. Or look on line and see if there is one for sale on a used car lot and go measure it.

Or maybe someone here owns both a 2000 accord and a tape measure.

Probably the best bet is to go to Honda parts dept and ask them to measure one and see if yours is the same length. Gawd, my oil is low must have a bad dipstick?

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In a recent “Hot Rod to the Rescue” they discovered a prior shop had reconfigured a Ford Bronco’s engine and didn’t have the proper dipstick for this configuration apparently, so their solution was to use some silicone caulk to cover the dipstick hole, so the oil didn’t come out as you drive … lol …

If you do not have a Honda dealer near by, try an auto parts store. I needed a new dip stick for a Chrysler mini van, picked it up from the dealer at a reasonable price and knew it was the right one

I like scrounging around auto recyclers (junkyards), with permission, of course. It’s a great place to get questions like this answered.

Go to the dealer and tell them you need a longer dipstick, the one you have isn’t showing any oil. :smile: