Dip stick tube came out

The dip stick tube came out on my 2000 Honda CR-V block. I plan on removing the heat shield, cleaning the tube and epoxy or gluing it back in place (if the bottom of the tube is undmamaged). Since it such a small area being glued, but still in the block, do I really need to use a high heat epoxy (like the JB Weld stuff) or can I just use some Guerrilla glue. Thanks.

I have yet to see a dip stick tube that is glued in place. They need to be removed for some service operations. It should have an o-ring and just be pressed/seated into the block opening. Normally, there is a bracket up top that is bolted to some structure to prevent the tube from coming out…


Agree with @TwinTurbo

At the very most, I’d rub a little RTV on the tip before pushing it into place.

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I wouldn’t use any glue on that myself.

Thanks guys.

Can you post a picture . . . ?

I’ve seen dipstick tubes break, rust out, or fall off due to broken brackets and/or missing hardware

I’ve yet to see one just “come out” without some underlying reason

I’ve read this Gen 1 CR-V tube doesn’t have brackets. Will post photo when I work on it.