Dimming lights


I own a 2000 Olds Intrigue that has an electrical gremlin. When the outside tempature gets to around 30 degrees or lower and I’m driving around my headlights as well as the instrument panel lights dim to almost nothing and then come back up. Is this a short? or some other problem?


I doubt it is a short as that should blow a fuse if that was the case. The problem is most likely due to a faulty power connection possibly between the battery and the main power panel under the hood. By tapping on suspected areas with a screwdriver handle you may be able to find the fault point. I suggest you clean the battery connections also using a battery post cleaning brush.

One other thing is if the battery is the original one in the car it is due to be changed out.


If reply #1 does not do the trick (I agree that it should), check the alternator belt tension. If that is OK, try checking the voltage regulator and general health of the charging system. Most decent auto parts stores should be able to test your charging system (including battery). I have yet to find a parts store that charges for this service.