Dim dash lights on my Mazda protege



Recently my dash lights in my 2003 Mazda Protege have dimmed, making it difficult for me to see how many mph I am driving. I do not have a manual for the car. Could it be a fuse?


Since the lights still work, it isn’t a fuse. Someplace there is too much resistance in the circuit. There may be a problem in the rheostat that controls the dash lights, or a bad ground connection. It may also be the case that the speedometer is lit by multiple bulbs and one or more has burned out.


I would first check the dimer switch and make sure it is turned up all the way.

If so, and the lighting is still dim, I would assume one or more of the instrument panel bulbs have burned out. Check out your repair manual to see what is involved in changing the bulbs. Some cars it is easy and some you have to do alot of work. They are usually an 194 or 168 bulb, but your owners manual should have a bulb chart telling you what they are.

If the fuse blew none of the lights would work.


It’s not a fuse. My guess is that you, or someone else, has accidentally dimmed the lights. There is a dimmer control for the instrument panel. I don’t know where it is on your vehicle, but there is one. Find it and adjust the lights to your preference.


Thank you so much for the feedback. I do think that I turned the dimmer control for the instrument panel down somehow, but when I scroll it back both ways, it does nothing. So maybe,a bulb is out, or it could be something more. I guess I’ll take it to my mechanic. Thanks.