Proper Tire Size

I found a really good deal on a set of tires for my fiance’s 99 Altima. The specs are 195/65/15, but the discount quality tires are 205/65/15. Would that be a problem for a front axle? The discount tires would be a HUGE improvement to what is on there now. I always came from the school that you could go 10 either side if the rest of the size matched. Am I wrong?

Thank you

Are you talking about 2 or 4 new tires? I wouldn’t do 2.

They’ll be wider and taller, so conceivably they could rub on something. You’ll have to check on that. Since they’re taller, that will affect your speedometer reading a bit. Since they’re wider, that will reduce your snow traction a bit.

The difference in size will be almost unnoticeable…But I for sure replace all 4. Mismatched tires are NEVER a good idea…

What are “discount quality tires?” Is that quality tires at a discount? Or is it tires of discount brand quality? I can’t tell.

Why not just buy a good set of tires at the proper spec? They are your tires after all - you know - the little bits on the wheels that are the only things holding you to the road.

Call Nissan regional headquarters, ask for customer service. Ask them about recommended tire sizes, and whether your discount tires are considered acceptable.

I’d call around to some independent tire/alignment shops and see what you can find. Here in Pittsburgh, there is a great little tire service shop that does really good alignment work and has Cooper tires at a fair price. I was never one to go too far with skimping on tires. Back in the 1980s, I had a couple cars that had really poor tires (my '87 Escort came with 165/80/13 tires), and it just wasn’t safe. Like cigroller says, they are your ONLY contact with the road. If the traction fails at those little footprints, you lose control of the 3,500 lb. projectile that you are supposed to be piloting.

If the garage is willing to do a fitment test on one tire at a time,front and back, try it. I have with a garage and agree to buy the smaller if the larger didn’t fit. The problem is, some garages may rightfully refuse to mount anything other then recomended sizes. It may seem very little, but you would be surprised. Just one size up on my 4runner rubs, the clearances can be that close…and this is on an suv, not a tight car. So other than that, go for it !