Different car tyre on front and rear wheel

Guys i have a fwd chevrolet beat car with 165/65/14 tyre installed. Recently i bought 2 new tyres n they gave me 155/70/14 is it ok if i put them on rear wheel so tht front wheel has 165/65/14 and rear wheel 155/70/14. Help me. Thnx

Plz help

Yeah, for a beater that 10mm in width isn’t going to make any real difference. But WHY did “they” give you a different tyre size than the front?

The difference in overall diameter between the sizes is only ~0.1" or 2.5mm so you should be alright.


Ed B.

I orderd online. I thught it had better fuel efficency so gave it a try thnx

My first reaction was that you got the size wrong - but I see they are available, just not in the US.

Second, the 155/70R14 has a LOWER load index than the 165/65R14’s - and directionally that is WORSE for fuel economy. However, rolling resistance in tires is more about the tread rubber than anything else.

And lastly, this is not a good situation. You’re going to apply tires that are substantially different, and that MIGHT lead to problems - and you won’t know until it is too late. You should have done your homework BEFORE you purchased the tires.