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Difference between 2010 & 2009 Prius?

Was considering leasing a new Prius until the recent recall up through the 2009 models. Were the 2010’s not recalled because they are immune to the troubles

for some reason? Currently have '98 RAV4,

and would get the same again if they hadn’t changed it…

I believe the 2010 Prius is a new generation, with lots of changes from the previous car. Whether or not it’s “immune” remains to be seen. I seem to remember a braking issue with the new car, but supposedly a software update fixed it.

Unfortunately, nobody can answer your question with a total assurance of being accurate.
A particular model could be “non-recalled” today, and it could be on a recall list tomorrow.

The president of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, in testimony before Congress, stated that he “could not guarantee” that the current recall campaigns would resolve the unintended acceleration issues that seem to be plaguing various Toyota models. Some people believe that the underlying problem is an electronic problem or a software problem, but based on that executive’s statement, Toyota itself seems to be unsure of the ultimate “fix”.

There’s no way to say. The real problem or problems aren’t accurately known yet.

Are you sure you want to lease? For most people, leasing costs more than buying.

Get a Honda Hybrid and don’t worry…as much, if that’s a concern.

Although it is cheaper than the Prius, the Honda Insight is just not as much car for the money, so to speak.
The problems with the Honda Insight include:

Really uncomfortable seats
A very stiff, choppy ride
Less fuel-efficiency than the Prius
A high level of road noise–like all Hondas
So-so handling

Consumer Reports stated that the Insight rated too low to be recommended by them, and CR is normally very positive regarding Hondas.

Leasing will keep my payments much lower than buying–
only $250 mo instead of $350, and since I haven’t
had a car payment for 12 years I’m having some trouble
getting used to the idea.


You make a good argument for OP not getting a hybrid…overly concerned in one respect, poor design in another. Though I agree with what you say…owners still seem pretty happy with them…for what it’s worth. Personally, I’m not, and will never be into hybrids as these parallels are.

Owner Satisfaction
Honda Prius

But, after paying $9000 in payments, plus down payment/tax, title, etc. You’ll have nothing to show for it after 3 years, except MORE car payments.
I’d wait until Toyota pulls it’s head from it’s bottom before I’d consider getting one

The 2009 Prius was recalled because of the possibility that the accelerator pedal might get caught in the floor mat. After tying the floor mat in and cutting the bottom off the pedal, it will be impossible for the pedal to get stuck in the floor mat.

The 2010 Prius recall deals with ABS software. Some people find that the car take too long to stop when the ABS is engaged, leading to panic, which could lead them to do something unusual. Toyota is reprogramming all Prius and Lexus IS250 ABS systems to alleviate this problem. According to the government web site (, the reprogramming will be done by the end of this month.

If you want a 2010 Prius, just make sure that the ABS software has been reprogrammed by the time you pick it up. I doubt that the dealer would let you have it before they reprogrammed the car anyway.

“Reprogramming” is something you do with computers. DRIVING is what you do with a car…People wait on line to buy these things??

The 2010 Prius has a bigger engine, better gas mileage, and supposedly a more comfortable and luxurious interior. It had a brake recall that is fixed.

Wow, this place is a new great source of help for me.
Thanks, everyone.
I didn’t know there was any recall on the 2010 model yet,
will check into that.


Bscar, you’re forgetting the “X,000 down at signing”. The total cost is more like $11,000 or more. Assuming, of course, that one never goes over the mileage limits…

And at the end the “leaser” owns nothing, nada, zip.

horseladyjune, I hope you’re following here. Leasing is basically a commitment to make car payments forever more, live with restrictions on your vehicle use, and never ever own a car of your own again. It’s a bad deal.

I put the “plus down payment/tax, title, etc” in my post. I know your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, maybe you need to switch to a bigger font. :stuck_out_tongue:
I kid, I kid. But do they still charge the sales tax and the title fees and everything when one leases? I’ve never leased before, and don’t plan to either, but just curious as to all the fees and such they tack onto the deal.

Speaking of which, I’ll be shocked and amazed whenever I see a tv car ad that does NOT mention leasing said vehicle for XXX/month

“Difference between 2010 & 2009 Prius?” Probably about 8 or 10 Grand…

One has already been recalled and one is waiting for a recall? Its high time the public got over thier love affair with Toyota. Why would you suspect these issues are behind Toyota after just a few tearful interviews?

All cars with OBD-II have computers, and can therefore be reprogrammed. I’m not sure about ABS systems, but if they have sensors, they have computers to read and react to the sensors.

I just purchased a 2010 Prius in January and its the best car purchase I have ever made. The dealers are dealing and the 2010 Prius is a very solid car - great mileage, low emissions, good ride, good interior space design. I drive the car over 700 miles a week and regularly average over 50 miles/gal. On one 330 mile trip I averaged 54.7 miles/gal going the speed limit all the way. I would choose a 2010 over a 2009 - better mileage, larger engine, improved interior layout, better styling.

" Currently have '98 RAV4,
and would get the same again if they hadn’t changed it… "

If your first choice was a RAV4, the Prius will not provide the same flexibility. We agree, the new RAV is enough of a change to entice new buyers but loose some old with it’s much larger size. IMO, the CRV is a really good compromise, of some smaller Mazda models. I will never recommend a Prius except for taxi cab use, even if all the issues are resolved. Only when they become a true EV for more electric only miles(80 at least) would I consider getting one. That, I feel will happen in 5 years. Til then, a CRV is a great all round consideration. There are lots of other good economy gas only models out there as well w/o the price of a hybrid.