Did you use Identifix/iatn?

I learned that member based identifix.com, and iatn.net have insights about auto issues/resolutions.

Did anyone of this forum use those sites?

Thanks for sharing.

I have access to those and some other things, what exactly are you looking for or asking?

I was a member of iatn from its earliest days when getting on line and going through an internet dial up to the UK was required. It was definitely an international network. In an effort to prevent the DIYers from overwhelming the site with gear head chatter a significant annual fee was made necessary and members could ostracize anyone who was wasting time with questions easily answered in any shop manual. There were some excellent members there who were willing to go into great detail regarding solving problems, many of which became TSBs from the manufacturers. I specifically recall a rear axle seal problem on Ford F-450 chassis that a Chicago fleet mechanic had solved. He forwarded the parts numbers that corrected the problem and saved me a great deal of grief.

I am a member of IATN, and have access to Mitchell, the snap-on tech database and TIS. Are you looking for a solution to a certain problem?

This may be related to the on-going questions about a potential engine problem and a leakdown test.

I have access to Identifix and other on-line auto repair information sites.


Thanks for participation/replies. I was watching the videos of stuzman5212 of the issues, I have. I picked up this video by reviewing some old discussion of this forum. I did not have auto repair insights before watching this video and your replies to my threads. Thanks again.

I learned that identifix.com, iatn.net publish toyota camry pieces on this subject.

Do you mind pulling published doc/info on “Leak Down Test” “Bent Valves”, “timingbelt Break” for 1999 Camry?

It will be a good learning for all.

Thanks for helping.


Please don’t take this the wrong way . . . but I think iatn.net and identifix is a little bit above your head

I’m just saying that because you yourself said your technical understanding of cars isn’t that great

The guys on those websites are all professional wrenches, as far as I know

You hanging around on those websites is akin to trying to run a marathon before you’ve learned to walk

Again, I mean no disrespect. I’m just trying to put things into perspective

If you want, I can provide a link for a very comprehensive automotive textbook. It’s a fat book, but it explains how things work, in great detail. Better than I can, anyways. And if you have the book at your disposal, the answers will always be there

db4690 With the questions this person has asked I think ( a little bit above your head ) is an understatement.

I see the makings of another Robert Gift . . . !

Agreed . . . ?!

The OP has been given plenty of simple advice on ever post they made on this forum. This is going to be a simple issue made much more complicated.
For someone who has never even laid hands on the car it’s a 10 minutes tops diagnosis.

IATN also asks for credentials, what one’s experience is, where they feel their expertise is, and automotive makes they feel qualified in. MD from RI has little chance of qualifying to post. I seldom go there, although I signed up years ago.

db4690 Agreed. What about “Bob”? Did he finally have an over inflated tire let go at 120 mph? My favorite was disabling daytime running lights to save fuel.


I don’t think we’ve heard from “Bob” in a few months now

I think his last questions were actually about his wife’s Camry

I don’t think OP wants to join these sites. He wants you members to go there to get answers to his problem and then tell him.

In that case OP might just be a genius . . . if he can get us to do his research for him

IIRC, Identifix is a subscription service, and IATN might be, too. If so, asking for information from subscribers doesn’t seem right. I guess it depends how much it costs.

I’d say the OP chooses not to believe any of the opinions offered on this forum.

Identifix is definitely a subscription service

I know that iatn has different levels of service. I believe you can get a free bottom level subscription now. Although you obviously don’t get all the information, versus a paying member

Not sure how long they’ve offered that free info

I’d say the OP chooses not to believe any of the opinions offered on this forum.

I am believing the thoughts of this forum. I reviewed other related threads on this subject. I am looking for a complete/comprehensive published document on this subject. I thought Identifix & IATN may have some thing in their archives.

I reviewed their FREE subscription. As I do not have ASE/mechanic shop experience, I am not qualified to join there. (I have to lie for joining. I do not want to do that).

Thanks for sharing.