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Did *you* post here about parasitic draw test.(1990 Dodge Ram 50)

About a month ago (although I’m really just guessing) I posted about my Dodge Ram 50 and was getting ready to conduct a parasitic draw test to try and figure out why – over a of a few days and a few trips around “town” – my battery gets drained to the point it will not start the truck. I’m going to try and pin down the culprit by removing system fuses one at a time and see what the multi-meter shows. One of you went to a lot of trouble by writing a very long paragraph about what I should do and NOT do during the test. (I guess the object is to prevent the multi-meter from getting fried.) Like a food, I didn’t print out that post nor did I bookmark the thing.)

And is there a way here to see all my posts? That might help me find what I’m looking for.

Click on the round red icon with your letter “C” in the upper right hand corner. At the bottom of the box that appears you will see ( view older notifications) go there and you can see your topics and posts.