Did I fry my electrical?!?!...drain my battery?

Hello, I’ve got a little scooter, but I figured the same principles would apply.

For some reason, after replacing my headlight, my gas gauge showed full regardless of how much gas was in the tank. So, being the do-it-yourselfer that I am, I tried to figure it out on my own.

Well, I noticed that the electrical wires that were supposed to hook up to the Gas gauge were three in number but only two were connected to the gauge. I figured the third was the ground (a Red, black/white, and a black, which wasn’t connected) So (with the key turned to on…yes I’m an idiot) I was moving the ground wire around to get a better look at things and I accidentally touched it to the black/white wire (at least I think it was that one) and bye-bye power.

After doing this anything electrical only works when the engine is running. Even then it seams like I’m only getting about 50%-60% power. I think this because my gas gauge only goes to about half tank, my blinkers barely work, my horny sounds like it’s got pneumonia, and my headlight is more like a headlantern.

So, I know nothing about auto’s, let alone their electrical systems, but it seams to me like I just drained the battery’s charge…at least I hope that’s all I did.

Hopefully this is a no-brainer for someone. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

You caused a dead short that probably blew a fuse or fusible link. Check for any fuses, and then check for continuity for all the power leads running from the positive battery post (hopefully it is a negative ground system). Unless you welded a wire to a ground, I doubt you drained the battery. But, you probably isolated the battery from the rest of the electrical system. The charging system is probably having fits over it.

You blew a fuse. Find it and replace it. “Owners Manual?”

Try to find a group for your scooter in Yahoo groups or through a Google search, and post there.

I suggest you get a voltmeter and check the battery voltage. Also see what the voltage is while the engine is running. If voltage is good there then check the main power distribution and see if there is a problem there.

I might suggest not driving it or starting it until you get the problem resolved. You could do additional damage.

I agree that it is likely a fuse or fusible link

You need to have it looked at by some one that knows electric circuits. It sound like you may somehow have something wired in series with everything else

Hey guys,

It was just a fuse. I was looking for something a bit more complicates as far as a ‘fuse box’ is concerned, so the little plastic matchbox-sized capsule escaped my notice. Thanks for your help!