Did 2016 Pathfinder rear brakes wear out fast?

My 2016 Nissan Pathfinder required replacement of the rear brake pads at
13000 miles, is it normal?

Not really. That is a bit short. Do you rest your foot on the brake all the time? Do you hover over the brake pedal all the time? Do you drive in heavy stop-and-go traffic? All these will drastically shorten the brake pads life.

And newer cars work the rear brakes harder to even out the pad life front to rear.

I do 95% of city driving, which there are a lot of stop sign and traffic lights .

I will consider I am an “OK” driver, which means I don’t drive offensively and don’t stop abruptly. So when I take the car for inspection today the mechanic told me that he doesn’t see this often cuz usually it lasts at least 30000miles. And the mechanic even
question me that did I do something to change the miles number.