What is Wrong with this product ? If it

is Bad Why Does Cadillac continue to

Recommend it ??

Google “Dex-Cool problems” and you get a mixed message. Dex-Cool has been blamed for things that may not be appropriate. As far as I can see, don’t mix Dex-Cool with an incompatible antifreeze meaning read the container and follow the instructions and don’t run with a bad radiator cap to keep air out of the system.

Dex-Cool has worked fine for us with a 96, 99, 03, 05, 08 and now an 09 car; most were Chevrolets and most had V6 engines. The 96 was driven to over 130k miles, the 99 to 70k miles, the 03 to 35k miles and the remainder to 35k or fewer miles.

I like the long antifreeze change interval feature of Dex-Cool. We keep three cars in service and reduced maintenance needs are a plus.

In 2002 I had a S-Blazer dispathed to me for a coolant flush after DexCool. Involved lots of “anti-DexCool” chemicals and opening the cooling system at various places,took about 4hrs.

From all I have read dex cool is fine unless air is introduced into the system, that can cause sludging of the coolant. Various other reports of head gasket problems are at this time unconfirmed.