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Detroit Axel vs Duralast (AutoZone) parts quality

I am preparing to do some repairs to my 2001 Honda CRV, I have found suspension parts in my price range from DETROIT AXEL and DURALAST (through AutoZone).

Anyone have experience that either of these brands are better (or BOTH good/terrible?), particularly for suspension parts?

I would get either genuine Honda or Moog

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If you are doing the work yourself, spend a little more money and get the name-brand parts such as genuine Honda or Moog, like db4690 said. That said, I am sure Detroit Axel or Duralast are adequate for most people. Furthermore, if your car is nearing its end of life (you are planning to sell or walk away from it in 50,000 miles), planning on selling it soon or it’s a part that doesn’t matter so much (such as sway bar link ends on my car) cheap parts should be perfectly fine.