Determing a cars value


I have a 1952 Mercury and I am wondering how I can determine the “book” value of the car. Any suggestions?


Cars like that are worth what someone is willing to pay. Hemmings Motor News is a good source of information about old cars. Also, you can check E-bay for completed auctions and see what similar cars actually sold for. If it “needs restoration” it’s not worth a whole lot. If it’s completely restored to “like new” condition, it will be worth serious money…

#3 also has a classic cars tab that can help you set a value.


There is no “book” value on rare antiques. Use eBay or Hemings Motor News to see buyer interest.


Look for Ford/Lincoln-Mercury car clubs on line. They aften have a for-sale section. You might find something similar. Condition is everything for older cars like this. In outstanding condition, it could be worth $20,000. But a wreck is still a wreck.