Is there such a thing as a “dent plunger” to pull out the soccer-ball-size dent that some anonymous person left in my fender?


A toilet plunger works if the dent isn’t too severe.



If you care enough to remove it I would suggest “dent wizard” service to perform the removal. They produce very professional results and quite inexpensively.


There’s a dent puller tool which acts like a suction cup and uses a glue to pull dents. I have’t used it; but, it couldn’t hoit to try it.


There are also large suction cups that are intended solely for pulling out large, shallow dents.

The problem with pulling a dent yourself is that when something impacts your car and leaves a dent, the metal tends to stretch, and that makes pulling the dent a lot trickier than you’d think. I think andrew_j had the right idea when he suggested taking it to a paintless dent removal service.