Delivering Newspapers at 3am: Why do my customers do this?



I liked Franco American spaghetti cold out of the can, I think it is campbells now but have not tried it, like vienna sausages out of the can, My favorite road trip nibble is beef jerky, and subway, don’t need no stinkin manifold, but then there are spoon sandwiches, a little butter, peanut butter and jam or honey on a spoon, or canned tuna with mayo on top, and I love gourmet foods and was a chef at a 5 star restaurant, no accounting for my disparate tastes.


That is a cool post and I learned a lot! I have trouble with woodpeckers, but so far they have not attacked the car.


Does your local newspaper still have a significant number of subscribers. One of my customers had a good paper route for many years but the last time I saw him he had gotten an RFD contract with the USPS. His customers were fading away and to have enough subscribers required a great many hours and miles and resulted in many unpaid accounts to cover. Also his paper dispensers became losing propositions altogether. Over the years I seemed to have worked on one of his 3 Toyotas every month. Brakes and clutches didn’t last long.


Guilty of warming microwave burrito on intake manifold.


Rod_Knox I live in rural Pennsylvania and many of my customers are the elderly… So I do okay yet until those people die and the newer generation goes digital. I got a route right on the border of another town, so i combine two different newspapers in the same driving distance and double my profits. Its great fun and I make about 1500 bucks a month and it takes me 2.5 hours each morning. Not bad for this area. The real fun is when it snows and I get to take out my Chevy tracker before any plows get out. The old people are very impressed to see the paper in their box on those days, and tip accordingly at Christmas. THAT is ridiculously fun finding money in each box all December long! Like a month long Christmas!!


I once camped in a campground where they warned us to cover our side view mirrors that way to prevent birds from pecking at the mirrors.