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Defrost Vent not working

Okay so I’ll try to give as much info as possible.

I’ll start by saying my condenser fan is out. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the issue but I guess I’ll add that.
So the face vents in my 2004 Dodge Ram work and they blow both hot and cold air depending on what setting I have it on. But when I try to switch the dial to come out either the defrosters or the foot vents it just stays on the face vents no matter what setting I change it to (still cold air).

Could this be an issue with the dial or is there something else it could be? No issue with my AC other than the fact that it won’t switch over.

Trying to get it fixed before winter hits. Thanks!

My guess would be the blend door.
You’d need to get a repair manual that has exploded view diagrams of the dash assembly to repair this.
Good luck.

By the way, I’m guessing you already know this, but if the condenser fan isn’t working you’ll not only be not removing the heat after the refrigerant is compressed, but you might also be causing your engine’s cooling system to work harder at idle. The heat that isn’t being drawn out by the condenser fan propagates to the engine’s radiator.

1 Like is a site that specializes in Chrysler-made vehicles and may be a good place to visit and post. People there have helped me lot over the years with my two minivans. Best of luck.

Wouldn’t that be the mode door? I think the blend door controls the air temperature.

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The mode door actuator has failed.

By the way, the condenser fan has nothing to do with the radiator.

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Perhaps. A rose is a rose is a rose.

Would you like me to explain how heat in the condenser and not being pulled out by AC fan can radiate into the radiator, which is up against the condenser? It’s simple thermodynamics, but if you’d like I can explain it to you.

Does Dodge use a separate cooling fan for the condenser? Both my FoMoCo car &struck just have the one behind the radiator.

Yes, explain away.

Use this picture of a common Ram 1500, the radiator and transmission cooler are on the right side of the vehicle, the air conditioning condenser is on the left;


Okay, makes sense with that large oil or transmission cooler. Did not know that, thank you.

Do you ever hear weird clicking noises from under the dashboard? Maybe even after you’d shut the engine off? If so, that would add evidence to a failed actuator motor. Those parts are not super-robust from reports we get here, not just on Dodges but many vehicles. Often those actuators are located so they are easy to replace, but not always.

The condenser fan not working wouldn’t likely affect the dashboard’s HVAC air routing, but if you desire continued AC it should be fixed, b/c it might eventually damage something expensive to fix in the AC system. The AC system depends on proper pressure relationships among its various system, and a failed condenser fan could adversely affect those pressures.

Fair enough. I was unaware that Dodge used a side-by-each setup for the Ram heat exchangers.
A picture truly is worth 1,000 words! :smile:

The problem is with either the mode door actuator or the mode door itself has broken where the actuator connects to it to turn it. If that’s the case the job will require complete dash removal.

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You can prevent it before it happens

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