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2006 Dodge Mag - A/C blows hot when idle

Already put in a big can of refrigerant. Now it merely blows super cold when it blows cold. Still warm at idle.

Was recommended to check two things: One is to check that the condenser coil is not obstructed with debris. The second was to open the hood, crank the car, turn the AC on full blast, and then to see if the “fan” was spinning.

I don’t know where the condenser coil is nor do I know what fan to look at. If anyone could give me some base instructions on where to find these two, I’d appreciate it.

If the fan is NOT spinning, what should I do then?


Our Magnum does not blow very cold when just sitting still unless the controls on the dash are set for blowing on recirculation of the cabin air. Could that be your case here?
The condenser is directly behind the front grille of the car and can get covered in bugs and debris over years of driving. The recommendation was to look to see if it is fairly clean or covered in crud.

The fan that was discussed was the one mounted in front of the engine on the radiator. I have not really looked at the design of this on our Magnum so I am not sure where it is mounted, front side or back. I believe it is on the engine side of the radiator. If it is not coming on then the fan motor may be shot or there is a fuse/relay going to it having trouble turning it on.
As for turning the AC on full blast, I think if you turn it on and put the system on recirculate it turns on the radiator fan. I don’t believe it will turn on the fan just by turning on the AC and not putting it on recirculate

Two things I can think of, the fan is bad on the radiator or maybe a weak battery since it is at the back of the car. Have you replaced the battery anytime in the past?

I actually replace the battery one month ago. It blows very hot air when idle, definitely not “slightly cool” and changing settings to recirculate doesn’t make any change at all.

Did you get a chance to look at the cooling fan on the radiator? Are you noticing the temperature gauge move at all at idle? This would also point towards the cooling fan failing on you. The electric motors on the radiator fan can fail and cause hot air to come through the vents. Have seen that one on other vehicles.

I don’t know if your car has one or two fans. I’d bet on a pair, not necessarily three of a kind. Anytime the A/C is on, the fan(s?) should be on. There has to be air circulation through the A/C condensor which sits in front of the engine’s radiator. If the fan(s) not blowing, there may be a problem with a fuse, a sensor telling them to turn on, or the fan’s motor could be burned out. I’ve had to replace two fans in the last two weeks. They “live” in a very hot harsh environment. Once you open the hood at operating temperature, with the engine running and A/C on, you should be able to hear the fans and feel the air being moved from the front of the car back toward the engine. (Caution: Do not stick your fingers into a spining fan.) If not, find a good independent shop in the mechanics files link at the top of this page.