Deciding whether to keep 2012 Ford Flex

I have a 2012 Ford Flex with ECOBOOST and get about 20 mph. I mainly drive highway at 65. I went through my original set of tires rapidly which I thought was my fault as they kept under inflating during the winter. I purchased a set of Cooper tires and they were worse. I finally purchased a set of GOODYEAR EAGLE SPORT and have not had a wear or inflation problem since. These are 20 inch tires. Was just curious about tires since reading your article about the Prius I don’t really have any problems with it but was going to ask if Ford is going to discontinue the FLEX or if they are in current production. I have not gotten a positive reply from the ford dealer except they are trying to sell the Expedition, or other 4 or all wheel drive models. Am not really wanting to buy a new one as I only have 80K but whether Ford will support the FLEX. I usually keep a vehicle for about 20 years if it stays serviceable but at my age I don’t worry about that anymore

All of Fords Ecoboost engines seem to get less real world mileage that their larger, less powerful non turbo engines, that the ecoboost ones beat on the epa tests. The reason seems to be that no one drives like the epa tests. If you have an engine with more power and you use it, you will burn more gas.
I recently read a road test of 3 1’2 ton pickups. A Dodge (oops Ram) with a 5.7 Hemi V8. a Chevy with the 6.2 L V8 and a Ford with the ecoboost V6.

The ford had the Higest eps rating, the most power, and the worst gas
mileage of the lot.

The road test was in either Car and Driver or Motor Trend, I had both from the library last week.

In another thread about saving money, someone posted about saving money by buying used books, nothing is cheaper than a library card.

Agree and we have library cards too. Some books we pick up are often not available yet from our local library!

Back to the OP, parts should not be a problem. I THINK manufacturers have to support a vehicle for 10 years. I would not worry about it.