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How long can I keep my 2016 Ford Mustang?

up to which milage it make. sense to keep my mustang ecoboost

Until it dies - or gets to expensive to repair - or you get tired of it - it does not meet your vehicle needs .
Seriously , I don’t see how anyone can make that recommendation for you . Some vehicles are used up soon because of poor maintenance and some seem to be like the Eveready bunny and go forever.


Forever… but my screen name is Mustangman, sooo…


Change the fluids and filters as Ford recommends and it will last a decade or more. You will probably get tired of it before it breaks so often that you want to get rid of it.

@Mustangman, his is a mere EcoBoost, not a 5L like yours. Could you keep an EcoBoost forever knowing that you could have the 302?

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Probably not…

  1. Until it suffers a failure that is expensive enough that it’s not cost effective to repair. Like if 10 years from now you have a catastrophic engine failure and a new long block costs $7500 and car the is worth around $6000. Then you’d be better off getting another car rather than repair it.

  2. You decide you want or need something else.

There’s no magic number when it comes to mileage as it pertains to when it’s the best time to sell a given car. With that said 99% of cars are depreciating assets, they go down in value over time, not up. Different cars depreciate faster than others. The Toyota FJ Crusier and to a lesser extent the Toyota Tacoma have excellent depreciation curves, but most Jaguars, and higher end BMW’s and MB’s, tend to lose value very quickly. The Ecoboost Mustang tends to lose it’s value more quickly verses the GT model, but Mustangs have been like that for decades now.

There are few new cars that are outliers that actually do appreciate in value. The Ford GT, and whatever the flagship Ferrari is at any given moment, or other ultra-low production exotics are actually worth more when the the owner takes delivery, this is due to rarity and demand. If you were able to buy a 2005 Ford GT at sticker price, you could’ve flipped it for $200k as soon as you drove it off the lot back in 2005.

The Ford Mustang is an excellent and well made car imo. It should last you a long time as long as you treat her well and keep the routine maintenance up to date. Many vehicle owners sell their cars on after 3 years or so, b/c they prefer to be always driving a car under a new car warranty. Most others seem to keep their vehicles for 10-15 years or so before selling them on to the next owner. A few dummies like me keep our vehicles 30-50 years and have no plans to ever sell them, but we folk are maybe just a little weird … lol … Sort of like men who keep wearing the same tie for years and years b/c they know it will one day be back in style, at which point they’ll be sitting pretty with a stylish tie :wink:

There are lots of ‘65 Mustangs on the road, so 53 years or more…


Until it is no longer feasible for you to own it

I, too, chose to spend the extra $10k for the GT model. If I was to have gotten the ecoboost model, I would still keep it for as long as I felt I am capable of entering and exiting the vehicle.