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Debris in AC System

About 2 years ago I had the evaporator and all plumbing replaced on my AC. Since then I noticed that an enormous about of leaves and debris fly through my Heat and AC. I have also noticed that my AC does not blow very hard and therefore causes an uncomfortably warm cabin in the hot Tennessee summer heat. Can this be that the debris has blocked the airflow? How do I fix this? Also there is a clicking noise that is coming from underneath the passenger side dash that seems to be coordinated with heart and AC use.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee straight 6 4.0L

It is very possible that the mechanic did not reinstall the screen that is supposed to keep debris out of the air passages for the HVAC system. You need to have the debris cleaned out and, if necessary, have the proper screen put in place to prevent a recurrence.

Also–you should post all of your problems in one post, rather than separating them into different posts. In many cases, different symptoms are connected and putting them in different posts makes it difficult to figure out the total situation.

I appreciate the info. Any idea what the clicking could be? It made that noise prior to the AC work and it seems to be coming from the black plastic casing right there below the dash. It also seems that hot air is constantly blowing out of the foot vent.

Sounds like the blower motor. watch were you park (not under trees)