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Death-defying trip to blockbuster

As I recall, there was a story in Reader’s Digest several years ago about a VW (Rabbit, I think) taking off out of control due to the cruise control taking over - is there anything in your database about this?

Database? Tom & Ray don’t visit here, and the rest of us don’e maintain datbases on car problems.

But there are those out there that do. Try Googling the problem.

If you just have an academic interest, you might try looking at the NHTSA website where consumer reports of vehicle malfunctions are stored in a database and are available for viewing, by make of car.

If you have actually experienced this problem with your own car, then I suggest that you report it to NHTSA, via that same database.

There was a rash of “unintended accelerations” by Audi cars some years back. Many went through their owners’ garage doors. It probably had somehing to do with the position of the pedals, and the driving skills of the owners. Neither Audi not the NHTSA could find technical faults but Audi gave a generous trade on new Audi models. It really boosted their business.

I remember the Reader’s Digest story (pretty scary story) but I think it was with a VW Jetta or Golf. It was also at least 10 years ago.