2017 Honda Civic unexpected acceleration

Car unexpectedly accelerated & accelerator stuck until car crashed totaling vehicle.

I hope that never happens again, but if it does, throw the car into neutral and get to the side of the road


I realize that people tend to panic in circumstances like that, but I’m still mystified that so many folks don’t seem to think of the simple expedient of shifting to neutral.


“accelerator stuck”

I empathize with your shock and concern, and I sympathize with your loss, but…

Was the accelerator actually found to be stuck after the crash?

As I have posted here previously, I had two instances of unintended acceleration in my 2004 Camry. In the first, I got distracted pulling into a parking place and stepped on accelerator instead of brake. The faster it went, the harder I pressed on the “brake”. The car wound up in the ditch (picture previously posted).

In the second incident, I was pulling up to an ATM. I was wearing wide boots, and the edge of my boot caught the accelerator when I tried to brake. That one, I reacted in time.

So, are you SURE that you did not make the all-too-common error of accidentally stepping on the accelerator.

If you can document that the accelerator stuck, then please tell us – and NHSTA – what happened.


Explain the incident more fully, like what type or road or parking lot it occurred on. Any other circumstances surrounding this issue could be important. As @art1966 said, NHTSA at safercar.gov should be alerted. They will collect similar incidents and maintenance start an investigation with Honda. If NHTSA doesn’t know about it, they won’t investigate it.

todays vehicles have drive by wire. some times there are glitches causing full throttle. a lot of fords had this problem in the past. it happened to my friend in his 2006 mustang GT. coming to a stop at the corner of his block and it went full throttle. there have been class action law suits over this.

What is Drive By Wire | How DBW works throttle accelerator (enginebasics.com)