Dear Car Talk Question This Week

Hi all,

I’m thinking I may start posting the most recent Dear Car Talk questions in our Community. Just in case anyone has any thoughts or comments to add to the subject. I hope that’s okay!

Lets see , you are the Managing Editor so who is going to stop you .

After Ray answers that pretty well takes care of the subject.

I agree with Ray’s answer. If the dealer inspected it and it is still intact, great. Leave it in and drive on.

I dunno…People disagree with Ray sometimes. And sometimes people post in reply to Dear Car Talks and have comments, which don’t always make sense out of context.


I’ve never met a dealer that didn’t want to sell parts. So sounds like the dealer is being honest. Go figure.


Yep, an honest service department. Very different than the one I went to, every time ‘you need an engine filter and a HVAC filter’. Even though I had just replaced both!

When I went to the Toyota for my first 2 oil changes - the service guys wanted to sell me new air filter and cabin air filter at a sale cost of OVER $100. Needless to say I declined. Both filters were not dirty…and that cost is OUTRAGEOUS.

He’s not employed there anymore, but there used to be a service writer at my local dealership who would reply, “Thank you for doing that”, whenever I informed him that I had already replaced the cabin air filter myself.

I say try it and see if it generates a decent volume of responses. And a volume of decent responses.
In this case Ray was much more diplomatic than I would have been.

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