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Dear Car Talk Column - sloshing Honda Fit

Hi Ray,

I read your response to the folks with the 2008 Honda Fit with the sloshing noise. I’ve also had this noise in my 2008 Fit for years. Isn’t this the gas in the tank underneath the front seats? If it was blocked water from the A/C evaporator, I think I would have had wet carpets by now.


Ray doesn’t post here as far as I know. But that’s an interesting comment Dale. Normally there are baffles in the tank with enough holes to allow the gas to move from one section to the other, but prevent the gasoline from sloshing around. But if the gas tank was right underneath the drivers seat even the baffles might not be enough to prevent some sloshing sounds. Tom and Ray commented on the Fit’s gas tank placement in 2008, link below.