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Dead end

My wife has a 01 ford focus zx3 3 door automatic wont start she was driving and it lost power and shut down I replaced the plugs, wires, pcv hose and pcv valve, coil, fuel pump good 40psi, compression 150 to 180, even drop the converter still wont start could the injectors play a role


Is the check engine light on? If so what codes is it showing? Might be your crank shaft position sensor. Do you have spark?

Why are you throwing parts at it and not working on diagnosing the problem?

If diagnostic work is over your head (which it appears to be), take it to a mechanic. After all, there is no reason spark plugs or spark plug wires would cause the engine to go from running well to stopping without running rough in between.

None of those things you replaced would cause an engine to just stop. You tested fuel pressure, now test for spark. If not check why there is no spark such as timing belt, crank sensor, etc.

If the check engine light stays on while cranking, suspect something with the crank sensor. And 40 PSI fuel pressure is barely within specs. 35 to 65 PSI is specs. The pressure the pump puts out is controlled by the fuel pump driver module and I’ve replaced as many of those as I have pumps on this vintage Ford.

Since you have fuel pressure and IF you have spark then you need to make sure the fuel injectors are pulsing with a Noid light or stethoscope.

By “not start” I presume you means it cranks ok, but won’t catch & run. And there’s no diagnostic codes stored, right? Be sure to take advantage of the diagnostic system, that’s the diy’ers best friend. Use it, you paid for it. Just don’t take what it says literally is all. It only provides clues, not solutions.

Since you have reasonably good compression, unlikely to be a valve timing problem. That’s a good thing. And since it cranks ok, the battery and charging system are unlikely to be the problem, another good thing.

Me, w/no codes and an engine that cranks but doesn’t catch and run, I’d check for spark at a spark plug during cranking first. Since you just changed the plugs you probably have an old one on hand. You don’t have to remove one of the new ones, just use that old one to check for spark. Look for a nice hot spark. If there’s no spark, check the crank position sensor next. After that the ignition module. After that you’d be looking at something preventing the injectors from doing their thing. I doubt it is that.

At risk of being laughed at for thinking of something so obvious, have you made sure there is fuel in the tank and that the fuel gauge is working properly? The easiest way to rule it out would be to pour a gallon of gasoline in the tank.

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@Whitey - I’m not laughing. Excellent suggestion.

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Yeah I overhauled the carb on my snow blower twice because I forgot to turn the fuel on. Ran good once I did though.

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I forgot to turn the gas valve on once on my Honda motorcycle and could not get it to start. My girlfriend (now my wife) spotted the problem and fixed it. Has she forgotten about it…no. I hear about it from time to time even though it’s now decades later.

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