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Ford 2003 Focus Wont Start

After driving it for about 20 minutes just dies on me, it can crank but the engine wont start, i currently cleaned the catalytic converter, changed the fuel filter, and changed the spark plugs. After all that i tried to jump the car and still nothing. I have a friend who is a mechanic who is trying to help me with finding the problem but is currently 1100 miles away, some other ideas from anyone would be great.

The fuel pump is probably dying. Check fuel pressure and post back.

Unable to get a reading because im unable to reach it with the gauge otherwise that would help immensily

Try spraying starting fluid into the air intake and then try starting the engine.

If the engine doesn’t show any sign of trying start, the problem might be with bad crankshaft position sensor.,2003,focus,2.0l+l4+sohc,1414976,ignition,crankshaft+position+sensor,7196

If the computer loses the signal from this sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems. so the engine doesn’t start.