DEAD car in PARK

How can I get my car out of “park”. (The car won’t run)

C’mon web lackys, hurry up and make the ‘‘required field’’ vehicle information,
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Perhaps your car is one that needs to be running to take it out of park. Perhaps it has a safety lockout.

If the car won’t run because the battery is dead, you’ll need to jump it, or charge the battery. There’s an interlock on the shifter that requires the brake be depressed to remove the transmission from “park”. The brake light switch releases the interlock. That requires battery power.

Beyond that, key to “on”, step on the brake and take it out of “park”.

Are you in the habit of not using the parking brake when you park your ??? (Make model year) car?

Thanks for the replies to my wifes post.
Car is a 98 Camry 4 cyl. 182,000 miles. Have now managed to get it out of park by jumping dead battery and jacking up and rocking front wheels.
Vehicle has been sitting idle for a long time following a highway breakdown that I believe was the result of a timing belt failure. (Engine cranked easily but would not run.) After having it towed home, noticed that the coolant had drained out onto the flatbed of the tow vehicle.
Am now prepairing to disassemble to determine actual failure mode. However, am curious as to how timing belt failure might cause coolant loss.
Any ideas? Will post results after disassembly.


Water pump is driven by timing belt (I think). Maybe water pump failure caused the belt failure. For example, I think the belt would fail if the pump shaft froze up. (Plausible, but does not yet explain coolant loss.) Or if the shaft broke then the belt would lose tension, even without breaking. (Hard to believe; just a speculation, but it could explain the coolant loss.)

I look forward to learning what you find.

The Angels, they be smiling upon thee. The 2.2L, 4 cylinder engine is NOT one which is damaged when the timing belt fails. Lucky you.
Now, is time to change the timing belt and water pump.