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Dead battery

battery started immed with jump, ran it for half hour, drove abt 2 miles, parked. 6 hrs later it was dead again. Is battery dry or???

It could be dry. If you don’t know how to check for that, then you likely will not be able to safely refill it. If it is dry there is a reason so likely there is another problem, like a regulator running too high a voltage. It also could be a problem with the charging system or just an old battery (how old is yours) or it might be a “dark” drain, which means something is using more than normal current when the engine is not running.

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Do the simple stuff, first. Disconnect the battery cable, file, sand, or scape the battery posts and the contacting parts of the battery cables.

Depending on its age the battery is more likely dead than dry. Take the car to a parts store and ask them to test the battery and the charging system. Most parts stores do this free. The half hour you ran the car isn’t enough to charge a weak battery, and if the battery is worn out no amount of charging will help it.