Dead battery?



We have a Honda Passport that has almost non existent brake pads and rusted rotors. We didn’t have the money to fix it right away so we decided to let it sit for a month until we had the money. Well, I guess my husband left one of the doors slightly cracked. Just enough to leave the light on. So now a month later it won’t start. In Feb of this year we replaced the battery and alternator. We tried to jump it today with our chev cavalier, but it didn’t work. We followed the directions online about how to jump a car. We have used the cables before and know they work. We left the working car running for 1.5 hours and tried to start the SUV again and the wipers came on, but it didn’t crank. Any ideas of how to get the SUV running again??? help!


When a battery is completely run down a jump start is not enough. A jump start is only useful for getting a vehicle running or putting a weak battery over the top, but not enough in your case. The battery needs to be properly charged to full capacity with a battery charger. Keep in mind that running a car with a near dead battery will put a lot of strain on the alternator.


I think it’s likely that some of the battery connections have become corroded. Check both ends of both battery cables. Actually remove the connections; the corrosion is often not visible unless you do so.


Many vehicles these days have battery protection features that will turn off the lights, after a period of time, if a door is left open. If this Honda is not that sophisticated, the battery have badly sulfated plates. It might be fixed with the application of the right kind of charger. OTOH, it might be ruined.


Most people today buy the $10.99 set of jumper cables. They aren’t worth throwing away. A good set of jumper cables costs at least $50 given today’s wire cost, probably more. Most people don’t know the difference between good ones and the junk. Good cables are made from #2 at least wire. Most of the cheap ones are 6 or 8. The smaller wire can not transmit enough current to start a car if the battery is completely dead.

Black and Decker makes a good charger

These cost around $100 at Wally World and have selectble 2/10/20/40 amp charge rates a 110 amp jump starter. They have a desulfate cycle that you can run and an equalization cycle. They can also handle lead acid, gel, and agm batteries. Get one it’s worth the money.

Remove the battery from the car and sit it on the ground (dirt/grass not cement) and hook the charger to it. Run a desulfate cycle on it. It takes 24 hours at least. Once that’s done, charge the battery in the 20 amp mode. If that doesn’t work, get rid of the battery.