Dead Battery

2003 Ininity G35…If my car sits unused for 3 days or longer, the battery dies. The Infinity dealer checked it out and could not find any thing that was draining the battery.

The only thing I can report is that a CD is stuck in the CD player.

Any suggestions?

You have a slow discharge somewhere, I think. Sometimes these are hard to find; Clic & Clac, I believe solved one on a Lincoln which drained its battery just like yours when it was parked one way on a slant, but not when normally parked. It turned to be the automatic trunk light which is activated by a mercury switch, but somehow got dislodged to where it closed even when the trunk was not open.

Your mechanic needs to do a detailed check to see if there are any shorts. Also load test the battery to see if it holds a charge. This is not as expensive as it sounds.

Good luck!

Battery maybe? How old is the battery?

If it’s the original battery, its time to replace it anyway.