Dead battery PCM computer reset 2003 trailblazer LS?

Due to an emergency extraction of a cd on Saturday night, the 2003 blazer was left in the accessory condition overnight and killed the battery. Usually the radio and everything shuts itself off so I was a little surprised, it is also interesting to note I could not move the key to the off position until jumper cables were attached. I had read about resetting the computer after disconnecting the battery but could not find that info so went for a little cruise of in town and hwy, then put on the trickle charger. What is the proper procedure to relearn the computer? do I need to disconnect the battery and go through the proper procedure?

All you need to do is drive the car. It may idle roughly or hesitate for a few hundred miles until it relearns to optimize engine performance.

Thank you for the reply, it seems to run fine.

I have the same problem, installed a new battery on my '03 trailblazer and now car runs rough. I followed the procedure in the Haynes manual to re-learn the PCM (warm car up, run for 2 min at 1200 rpm, then drive) and cleaned the throttle body which helped but car still accelerates rough and is down on power. Getting intermittent flashing of “Service engine soon” light. Anyone have a clue? Chevy dealer says the only thing is to come in for reprogramming at cost of $149.