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Dead battery issue?

Hi my mom has a 2001 nissian quest mini van. A week ago the car wouldn’t start, they just got a clicking sound. They jumpstarted the car and it was fine for a week, then the same thing happened. The van has been put on the computer at the dealership, the cells of the battery has been tested and so has the alternator, starter, and solenoid. Everything checks out fine. Battery is a year old and 2 mechanics have told her it is good and holding a charge. Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be? Her belts have all been changed last week. I think the car only has 7500 miles on it.

The first thing to do is remove the battery connections and clean the inside connection areas and the posts using a battery post cleaning brush. This is a pretty common problem and doing that will most likely solve the trouble. If the vehicle truely has only 7,500 miles on it I would have to think that the starting system is ok. If you still have trouble I would check the cable to the starter for internal corrosion on the battery end and suspect the battery for an intermittent internal connection problem.

It’s possible that you have some electrical fault that is slowly draining the battery while the car sits.