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Strange happenings in 2007 Nissan Quest Minivan

We have a 2007 Nissan Quest Minivan, has about 25k miles on it. We get regular oil changes and maintenance. I just got the oil changed Thursday and the battery tested fine, however the next day the car would not immediately crank.

It clicked like a dead battery, and after the key was turned off and taken out, the odometer jumped back and forth, it was strange. The lights, radio, and everything worked, except the back lift gate auto open(push the button and the lift gate opens). Eventually we got the van to start and it has started ok sometimes since and other times it does the same thing. So far it has eventually started, usually after keeping the key in the “on” position for a few seconds before trying to turn it over.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

any ideas?

Maybe ignition switch. Try wiggling the key while it idles.

The battery could be providing low voltage, as if one of the cells was dead but not the whole battery. The battery terminals and cables connecting the battery to the car could be dirty and corroded and need to be removed, inspected, and cleaned. It could be some other more complicated things, but this is a good place to start.

The battery tested good the day before it happened when the oil was changed (assuming the people who changed the oil actually tested it and didn’t just write it on the receipt). My husband also looked at it and it looked clean with no corrosion. This is a 2 yr old vehicle that has been well maintained, not sure why it would do this.

Even though the battery connections look ok I suggest you clean them using a battery post cleaning brush. The description of the trouble you gave is due to a bad connection to power somewhere and the first place to start looking for that trouble is the battery connections. If that doesn’t correct the trouble then check for other bad connections in the power wiring that goes to the power panel under the hood.