Dead battery charges but then dies



I have a 1992 Acura integra (150,000 miles) as a spare car. I use it about once a week for very short local trips. I didn’t start it for 3 weeks and battery died. It charges up but first time it died in a few minutes. Second time, it died a few minutes later after I tried to put it in drive to give it a spin around the block. Anyone know what’s up with it?


How old is the battery?


Check alternator output also. Could be a bad alternator hastened the demise of this battery.


If that is the original 5 year old battery, it most likely is dead and needs to be replaced. Most auto part stores will check it and the charging system for you.


What you are seeing is a surface charge only, the battery has lost most of its capacity. Sometimes, they can be brought back but it is probably better to just replace it.


It’s probably 3-4 years old. Someone suggested to me that I need to leave the clamps from the battery charger on longer when I jump start the car.