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Deactivate immobilizer, vw passat

i had my abs checked by an independent mechanic , but now am here to pick my car and we cannot deactivate the immobilizer in order to start the car. i know if i call the dealer it will be a rip off. any thoughts on how to deactivate the 2001 vw passat immobilizer. thanks!

I remember Immobilizer as a aftermarket supplied dealer installed feature is this your case? With the immobilizer system you could wire it to provide both starter interupt and fuel system disabeling. Or is this a feature VW built in the car?. If the dealer installed it or sent the car out to a secutity specialist for install it could be more than just a little bit of work to disable. These security specialist can get very clever in how they wire in the system and where they hide the electronics. After all you dont want it to be easy for the thief to disable the system. You need to find out more about your install,if the installer was not so clever then no problem.