"De-Cel-" Miss


Someone annonymous posted this in a topic that I had started about spark plugs (“Platinum v.s. Iridium”) and I figured I’d repost it as a topic for him/her so it’d get some attention. And as a note to all new members or passerby who would like to post. You’re better off just starting a new topic. You’ll get better answers.


I can only describe it as a deceleration miss.

It usually happens when the car has been driven a while. Almost always in the summer months. Doesn’t happen all the time.

Car starts fine - has power. I’ll be cruising along on the highway, then if I very slightly lift off the gas pedal I get either one or a few misses. They appear to be a miss or a little shudder. Then it goes away.

What could this be?

2000 Hyundai Accent 45k miles.

Manual 5 speed of which I use 4

No A/C

Thanks in advance


-Matt (on behalf of whoever this was)